Team Profile: Team EMOAJ (Eternal Ministry of Art & Jump)

"Old enough to know better, but too dedicated to care."

You know what they say about teams, right? Never change a winning team. What they say about loosing teams I've never heard. (But there might be some food for thought after several failures, but never mind the bollocks). With the stubbornness of a lunatic, this team have returned before, actually time after time. Team EMOAJ is now back again. This time after years of hibernation and training camps on the far side of the planet (depending where You are, of course). This team is just like Schwarzenegger, No matter what ""we'll be back."" Defeat? Failures? Forgetfullness? What up with that? Team EMOAJ is here again and perhaps to stay, despite losses in the past and despite possible failure in the future. This team is like an old watch. Like a Timex. It takes a licking and keep on ticking!

For decades now the team long suspected that the competition is rigged. A few years back the team had come up with an exceptional team strategy... However an internal memo got away (from one of the more butter-fingered team-members. No names!). The idea in short was that everybody has a price. The plan to bribe the judge wasn't perhaps the most fair, but hey! The world is unfair, and God put Bo Derek on earth to prove that. So perhaps it's time to revise earlier failures. No... To go deep inside ourselves and take a good look on what the cat dragged in. Yes. Perhaps.

Anyway. Telekinesis for Team EMOAJ is like a sixth sense (!), a second layer of reality so to speak. A newish channel to tap into. So TEAM EMOAJ has yet again collected their collective soul... And Team EMOAJ is as always dedicated to protest on the grand scheme of things! It sure is a dirty work - but who's gonna do it if we wouldn't?!

The Team members has all made their own special contribution to the alteration of reality and are always asking ""Why not?"" instead of the everlasting ""Why?"". Team EMOAJ feels that there IS no limit to what can be thought up, and celebrates the multiverse theory that states that ""Anything that can happen, will happen, and the human psyche, nor fantasy, is the limit for this"". Therefore we celebrate the victories our teams parallel universe-teams have made and regrets the losses. (We are betting for more wins than losses however!)

Team EMOAJ is always looking for new psychic ways of dealing with the physical world around us. The team also has a firm belief that the whole is always bigger than the sum of its parts. In other words, it's not enough to look at the big picture, you have to have a holistic view on things and consider also the temporal causes and effects. We might not do anything right here and now, but perhaps (most likely) we will, or did, somewhere along the timelines and dimensions. T

he Team has always something to say, and has also several chosen mottos, like: ""The true nature of a man is decided in a battle between his conscious mind and the desires of his subconscious."" (And there in lies also the possible explanation to the repeated failures of making it to the top and win the whole competition). Remember this, the important thing is not to win, but to compete - and have a damn good reason for failing. Broken legs. Chivalry. What have you.

Deja-vu, hindsight and premonition is the cornerstones of the teams ambitions. Our semi-motto is ""I told you so"" - or something completely different. The team members are usually very modest and shy away from revealing anything about their past. However informal contacts has revealed that the Ministry is in fact the founder of the slowly and organically growing world-spanning network of ""NovelArt"" as well as a new art-movement (or art-branch) known as ""HopArt"" - perhaps in the future (or in a parallel world) just as big as Pop art once was.

The team finds its inspirations in several places, one is the Ancients of Ladonia - who where the forerunners of the (in)famous Stone Racing. Well preserved rolls tells about The Three Wise who every 100 year met on the shores of Ladonia and held meetings, that where both court, gatherings and sacred meditation-like exchange of ideas. The old stories tell about The Three Wise that came together to sit. They sat on the stones and boulders and watched civilisations be born, grow old and crumble into dust. They were the holder of the Torch of Knowledge and didn't grow old as the rest of the humans around them. It's said that they where ""the Eternals"". They never ate during their ""court-meetings"" (to use a notion we can understand, but that holds little or no resemblance with what The Wise actually where doing). Their meetings could go on for up to five years at the time and they were nor asleep, nor awake. The Wise where at these meetings like in a suspended animation, something that looked like trance or meditation. They where the guardians of time and space and had a key role in transition from winter to summer and other phenomenon we can only start to wonder about. Some say that they where the ones that saw to it that civilisations was born, other says they where the force that conceived the world and reality as we know it today (not that we know much, and the more we learn the more evident it is that we o very little). Some ancient stories even states that The Eternals where the key to Intelligence, Imagination and Creativity. We can only hope to understand in the future what role they played in the eons that has passed...

After extensive discussions The Team have decided to not go with their team manager from earlier year, Mr Cupid. So in other words, it's time for a old/new coach (Read: Scapegoat). But let's not dwell on such matters. Let us instead go on to introducing our gang of three. And as you might have heard, all good things are three."

Let it be known that "Maestro Axwik" is the Team Manager again for this year. -- Maestro Axwik is and has always been the orchestrator of the team. The fine-tuned psyche of this man is actually incredible! He's basically heaven sent. He likes to fiddle about and just sit for hours contemplating. He is never in a hurry, he is always patient. (Lately it has come to our attention that he's been using his psychic powers to fib in card games when playing Solitaire. And thereby probably cheating himself out of the big winnings on lotteries, since the good Lady Luck certainly doesn't like immoral ways of achieving goals). This man never crosses a line (physically) and the talk about the theft of the crown jewels is just utter nonsense! Maestro Axwik is clever enough to never underestimate the power of very stupid people in large groups (or in solitude for that matter). He is convinced that if the supernatural didn't exists - it would have to be invented. Maestro once said "God is the most ignorant person I know, he ignores every prayer I've ever made". It was after that remark he [Maestro] started to do as he saw fit and started to alter the world around him in a totally intuitive telepathic and telekinesis way. His sense of fair-play however stops him from rigging games to win him immense fortunes (much to his own irritation) - and he leaves the politicians alone. No one can mess things up for themselves worse than they already do, he says. (A statement about Rick Santorum has been erased here, since we don't want to mention anyone by name).

"Black Cupid -- It's generally known about Mr Black Cupid that when people agrees with him, he gets the feeling of being wrong. He has a long tradition and history of playing with peoples minds and for obnoxious behavior in general. Which made him the perfect choice of shouldering the burden as the teams General Manager. The two last years. This mostly means that he generally doesn't know how to manage the team, but he tries. And he always try harder. He is, to say the least, a very stubborn person. Still he is a modest person and withholds a zestful non-professional attitude. ""I'm in it for the sheer fun"", he says. ""and if I can confusious a few minds along the way, I'm happy to be at assistance."" Some might think he's the dark horse of the team - others know they are right. He's been known to whip a few behinds back into shape and never take ""No"" for an answer. This has caused some problems in the future, but perhaps he'll change his persistent and mysterious ways and become more futile and reconciling - but he doubt's it. And frankly, so does the rest of the team. Anyway. He can be very charming, when he wants to. Mr Cupid loves to contemplate in the sun with barely no clothes at all. He can do this for weeks, take our word for it. He has proven it on countless occasions over the past few decades... (B.C. is to the right in the image, clad in silver)."

The (Eternal) Minister of Art -- The Minister of Art has jumped into more rivers, lakes, fountains and seas than anyone else in the team, dressed in a suite or not. Probabaly more so than any other dead or living Minister on the face of Earth. On his spare time he likes to chop wood, drive his tractor and engage in home improvement. He also digs digging. He is an ace of spade! Minister of Art & Jump is completely convinced that he can enter a transitional state of mind when drinking beer. This is his firm belief and he cannot be persuaded to believe otherwise. Probably because he has solved more world-problems than anyone else in the team, doing just that. He's convinced. He's a believer! But even without beer he's an eternal fountain of good ideas - at least he thinks so himself (that it is "good ideas"). He has the solution for illegal online downloads - but no one listens... As a child he discovered that he could in fact bend light and move stars on the night skies by will. As a sprouting teenager he listened to mind-expanding music as Pink Floyd, Ultravox, Jean Michelle Jarre and Pete Shelley. The Minister has his own motto (which the whole team has adapted as their own): "Your future is what lies in front of you, unless you're going to the past. In that case your future lies in the past." The others aren't really sure what that means, but it sounds sound.