Team Profile: La Mota Buena

Our team uses amphetamines, ginseng, chronic, and drinking the blood of our enemies in Bloody Marys to enhance our telekinetic abilities.

Scott Bentley is a student in the Master of Fine Arts program in Creative Writing and Poetics at the University of Washington, Bothell. He is a curator for the Gamut literary series and an editor for Clamor. His poetry and prose have appeared in Vote the Earth, Clamor, Albion Review and other journals.

Annika G.R. Bunney is an interdisciplinary creator focusing on traditional writing, nature-based creations, and assorted textual pieces. She is a second-year student in the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing & Poetics at the University of Washington Bothell. Her ever-evolving work draws on classic literature, folklore, and mass media. She has been published in Clamor and The Journal of Occurrences and is continually evolving throughout her creative endeavors.

My name is Brother Joseph of the High Order, and under the tutelage of the High Monks in the hills of Humboldt County in Northern California, with strict and life-long regimen of melatonin supplements, nicotine, caffeine, pot, and beer, I've mastered the art of cloud bursting, cloud forming, cold-brewed coffee, and the transmogrification of seed to weed.