Team Profile: Malevenia Analysticians

It should go without saying that the Malevenia Analysticians remain your undefeated 13-time World Telekinesis Competition champions.

Following their crushing defeat of the 2012 finalists, the London United Psychic Club, the Malevenia Analysticians worked tirelessly to develop checks to their growing powers. The inevitable annual mental coverup to protect the public and competition participants from the telekinetic blowback caused by the energy surge brought to bear required they put measures in place, heroically protecting the world from the forces they had necessarily unleashed. Much experimentation (on living humans no less) was needed over the ensuing 8 years to rein in the electrical storm of their telekinetic force. However, as humanity’s lost memories of the World Telekinesis Competition from 2013 - 2020 attest, their memory control powers had grown alongside their telekinetic and other mental abilities, wiping from all histories the competition itself.

This year, they are confident that the fine mental motor skills they've honed over the past year while forced to train remotely, will finally allow them to be celebrated the world over for their unparalleled telekinetic skill!


(NOTE: In keeping with the larger story arc of the Analysticians, our team has four members. Info for member # 4, Harley Morman, is included with #3, but I can confirm that they are in fact separate people.)

A founding member of the elite dark psychokinematics task force, the Malevenia Analysticians, Cindy Baker's decades of telekinetic counter-espionage fieldwork and psycho-kinetic professorship led to an inevitable evolution into a being of pure energy tethered tenuously to this earthly realm by her fleshly husk. Having spent considerable time learning to control this body-sack from the mirror realm, she then turned her mind to controlling others, now a favourite amateur pastime. Her lifelong passion for the kinetic arts and a weakness for helping other worldly beings has ensured her continued habitation on this plane for the foreseeable future, though she does spend considerable free time wandering the supranatural realms, gathering with other extra-bodily beings in close social and extraphysical contact while her body remains physically remote.

Mister Kincaid (Civilian Cover ID: Dave-Id LaRiviere): As ever, your humble CEO, COO, CFO and MVP of Mind-Kontrol central "MKULTRA-Foods," once again throwing in and throwing down with his fellow champion telekineteers, the Malevenia Analysticians. More bot than human, Mister enjoys cross-country skiing, triple chocolate and hazelnut cookies, relaxing in the day spa, and experimenting on unsuspecting populations. Fans of Mister Kincaid (or “MK” for short) may address their fawning tributes to his secret lair somewhere beneath the off-shore banks of the Grand Cayman Island or, for convenience sake, simply whisper into any cell phone with wireless connectivity. Don't worry, the NSA will dutifully pass along your message, just as sure as Mister and his cohorts will conspire for yet another underground triumph in these telekinetic games. LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH 2.0!

Danielle Raymond is a ray of psychic sunshine in the otherwise dark and gloomy world inhabited by the Malevenia Analysticians. In her earnest campaign to rid the world of bad guys by befriending them, one of her more unassumingly beguiling powers is that of entrancing cuddly creatures to do her bidding. As such, she harnesses the positive glow of the earth’s vibrations to project warmth and rainbows of love energy. Raymond remains completely in control of herself and her actions, and has not being influenced by any of her teammates.

After a tense separation from the Malevenia Analysticians in 2011, the consciousness currently known as Harley Morman struck out on his own. His search for power ended in what seemed like a tragedy: the “death” of his original body during his daring invocation of a double concentric spiral vortex. Over the following years Morman's bare consciousness grew evermore influential as it wandered from body to body; dozens of temporary housings were discarded as they became incapacitated during Morman's ritual experiments. Begrudgingly, he has finally come to accept that he is stronger in a group than he is alone, has has reunited with his teammates. Morman enjoys bicycling, baking muffins, and his current corporeal form, of which he has vowed not to dispose unless it becomes absolutely necessary during the pursuit of victory.