Team Profile: Number Run

We code telekinetically. We channel data. We seen no reason why we couldn't also predict and channel flames and wax. Humans beware the numbers are here. We predict a number run.

Number 1 is a predictive algorithm designed to be an on-the-fly team strategist. Number one watches the moves that others make, processes and analyzes such as to know the direction of your thought even before you do. Don't believe me? I knew you would say that.

Number 2 is an autoencoder designed to learn and develop telekinetic strategy. Number 2 sees everything you do and learns to do it too. Put simply, number two is an algorithmic mimic; deep learning is only ever an autoencoder away. Thanks for your advice.

Number 3 trains telekinetic adversarial networks designed as mind-blockers that target opposing teams to hack and redirect psychic play. Put simply, number three uses your mind against you. The more psychic you are, the more your energy boosts our performance. Heads I win, tails you loose.