Team Profile: Telekineticistic Tendencies

The team formed after the turn of the millennium when all three members found themselves falsely accused of robbing a string of casinos using "unknown techniques." After this unusual brush with the law, the three decided to turn their "gifts" to establishing their professional standing in telekinetics sports and online poker. Since then, they have gone from strength to strength, and are rumored to have attracted a lucrative sponsorship from the chthonic plane. It has been suggested that the deal enhanced their technical prowess through new and rigorous training opportunities. As to their lives outside the sport, little is known.

As a defensive end, Ben Tanner is the prototypical player that every team wants. He combines mental strength with speed and his characteristically energetic burst off the cerebral mantle, which can often prove overwhelming to the opposition's core synaptic strategy.

Coming into his awakening later in life, Mackenzie found himself sweating into the floor at the National Gallery during a London heat wave. Exhausted, drenched, crushed by aesthetic history, he dropped and when he awoke he found himself suddenly connected. Since the "change" MacKenzie has sought to showcase, share, and explore his "gifts."

Christian Kuras’s psychic talent was spotted when he was child, and he began his training in the telekinetic arts at the age of 10. He mysteriously disappeared after a tragic piano floatation accident when he was only 16 years old. Since then, his self-imposed exile has been broken only by his emergence to compete in the World Telekinesis Championships, previously as a member of London United Psychic Club (2012 Champions).