Team Profile: Tathāgata Tape Loop Division

Tactical Tape Loop Division, competing since 2008, has recently renewed its spiritual trust with pneumatic resurrection of deceased members into Bodhisattva beings. Th Bulletin Board of the Ancients welcomes new team member the Tathāgata, who claims nor desires attachment to credit. “Synchronize to the Seven Loops of Cybernetic Cut-Up,” repeats the inspirited TTLD Mantra. Like a bow drawn after the arrow has flown, TTLD has reincarnated seven generational vibrations via ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENA of COSMIC INTERDEPENDENCE from BODHICCITA BOUNTY. TTLD retains the IO mission parameters: GENERATIVE TRANSMISSION FREQUENCY OSCILLATION WITH THE SACRED COORDINATES OF EARTH. 15° 48′ 0′′ S, 47° 54′ 0′′ W. (( whoever wins, the buddhabeing always wins ))

15° 48′ 0′′ S, 47° 54′ 0′′ W.


From the ashes arises the figure of being.