Team Profile: Tipper Hinge

Tipper Hinge is all wool and a yard wide. Not no great shakes, Tipper Hinge will never cry barley; no, always and at all times gung ho and with great pith and moment, Tipper Hinge proves worth the whistle, for neither catchpenny nor kickshaw, Tipper Hinge will get our teeth into the problem of “telekinesis”. Our ship will be run tight, hand in glove; holy mackerel.

The Torpedo is Team Captain. Perseverance will lead to victory, and so will The Torpedo's mysteriously flashing thoughts.

The Darkness is Team Activities Coordinator. Activities are important. There is no time to rest. Our activities will prepare us for telekinetic challenges.

Calypso is Team Equipment Manager. Submersible thoughts extend the reach of Calypso beyond the surface. Even hypnotic suggestion wears off. Equipment is always ready and organized.